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Vinod Menon

Vinod Menon is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and of Neuroscience, and Director of the Stanford Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience Laboratory in the Stanford University School of Medicine. He has broad multidisciplinary expertise that spans several scientific disciplines and has published extensively on various aspects of human cognition and brain function. He is especially interested in the development, maturation and organization of functional networks in the human brain, and its impact on cognition and behavior.



Welcome to the Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory in the Stanford School of Medicine.

Under the direction of Dr. Vinod Menon, the SCSNL investigates human cognition and learning using a systems neuroscience approach. The main goals of our research are focused in four areas:

  • Discover fundamental principles underlying normal brain function and cognitive development
  • Develop brain-based evidence and interventions to improve cognitive skills in children with learning disabilities
  • Investigate atypical development of cognitive, affective and social information processing systems in individuals with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Develop new computational methods for characterizing the structural and functional architecture of the human brain

We use advanced brain imaging techniques (fMRI, sMRI, DTI and EEG) as well as behavioral, genetic, neural network modeling, and computational methods in our research.


Populations currently under investigation include:


  • » normal healthy children
  • » children, adolescents, & adults with learning disabilities
  • » children with autism

If you are interested in our current studies or participating please visit out participant website:


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